95 Hancock — The WSU Production Center

WAYNE PRODUCTION CENER SIGNHow many times have you walked past 95 Hancock and said to yourself, “Self, what on earth is in that building? What is in that production center?”

Well, as a first year, I can say I wondered too! Needless to say the Production center is a great place. Not only does it hold our WSU Scene Shop (And prop/scenic storage), it also holds our Costume Shop (and Stock)!

As for the history of the building, I was told it at one time in its life it was home to a shoe factory. After its life as a shoe factory, it then (well at some point) became the main offices of the Theatre Department. (Imagine everyone in that tiny building!)

As for now, it’s home to the heart and soul of our productions. I was lucky to grab a tour with one of our Bonstelle company members, let me share with you photos of the expedition! (This might be a many part post – there are just so many fantastic images!)

First, I popped into the costume side. Everyone was hard at work doing the jobs it takes to get actors on stage. Take a peek:

Then, there was the other side of the building and the top floor…..

(To be Continued!)

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