Calling all Alumni!

Where are you these days? Where are your friends these days?
What have you been up to? What have THEY been up to?
Is she (Or he) still with so and so?

Have these questions been keeping you up at night?
(Would you like to have some answers? )

How about coming back to Wayne State University and finding out for yourself?
Sound good? (Great!)

We are putting the word out to see if anyone or everyone would be interested in attending a WSU Theatres Alumni Weekend.

The Details:
Date: Late April 2010
What: Opportunities to see shows at all three theatres, catch up with old friends, network with new ones, reconnect with faculty and even take a master class or two.


Just to clarify, we are not announcing an official event — we’re just doing a bit of preliminary research to see if there is enough interest to warrant planning all the good fun.

In Conclusion:
So, if you are interested in heading back to visit the Hilberry, Bonstelle & Studio theatres, other alumni, faculty and staff, Stage Parents, Understudies and Detroit please let us know!

[Interested? Contact Rebecca Lustig at and let her know!]

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