“A Man, A Woman and A Cello”

Wayne [State] University Alum, Michael Tolan performed a night of spoken poetry and music with Nadine DeLeury on October 7, 2009.

Mr. Tolan performed for many faces — some young and some not so young — in a heartfelt interpretation of some of the greatest poets of our time. When he asked the students in the audience if they were taught poetry in class these days, an uninspired, “No” rose from the crowd. One voice sought to claim, “Me and my friends still read it.”

As with anything great, Mr. Tolan’s reading proved that poetry should never be forgotten, and in the end, it has to find meaning with you at your core.

Enjoy some shots:

Mr. Tolan closed his performance with this poem, and so will I close this post with the same:


(By Langston Hughes)

Folks, I’m telling you,

Birthing is hard

and dying is mean —

a little loving

in between.


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