Midsummer Night’s Dream (From the Archives!)

Here is another installment of previous versions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

This time, we’re featuring the 1966-1967 season production:

The 1967-1968 production featured Wil Love and Pat Ryan as Demetrius and Helena, and Michelle Dezseran and David Daris as Hermia and Lysander. The production actually ran two seasons — in 1967 and then again during 1967-1968. The play was revived again with a new cast under the same director, Richard Spear.

The cast also featured Phyllis Somerville, Hilberry graduate of 1967 as Puck. You may have heard of Somerville from her numerous credits as an actor, some of which are: Over Here (Broadway), Once in a Lifetime (Broadway), ‘Night Mother (National Tour) as well as NYPD BLUE. You might recognize her from Little Children or even her upcoming 2010 releases as noted on IMDB.

The show was directed by Richard D. Spear, Set Design by Timothy R. Dewart, Costumes by Judith Haugan and Lighting by Gary M. Witt.

****Don’t forget to buy tickets for this year’s production:



2 thoughts on “Midsummer Night’s Dream (From the Archives!)

  1. I still have the rendering for my stage design for this production and some sketches for props, too. Perhaps sometime there will be a way to upload these images. Let me know. – Timothy Russell Dewart, of Beverly, MA
    Stage Designer & Technical Director at The Hilberry Classic Repertory Company from1965-1967 (The Hilberry Theatre is the nation’s oldest and first graduate theater repertory company).

    • Hi Timothy,
      If you want to email us the images, we can put them in the archives that we currently have. We are trying to figure out a solution for archival materials. A website or blog is currently being discussed. Send images to theatrepr@wayne.edu.

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