Servant of Two Masters Closes on MARCH 27th!

Don’t forget to check out The Servant of Two Masters before it closes this weekend!

The Down River Sunday Times said, “Despite its resemblance to modern improv, Commedia dell’Arte is a highly disciplined ensemble exercise. However, the cast has fun with the clever comedy. Local humor sneaks in when you least expect it. Listen for the WSU “Aim Higher” inside joke.”

The South End proclaimed, “The acting in this play is outstanding: with fluid dialog and movement of characters. Arlecchino, who really gives the play its edge, can be seen flipping around, dancing and, at one point, climbing to the top of the set.”

The (favorite) Rogue Critic wrote, ” It’s difficult to confirm because they never hold still, but the Hilberry’s repertory cast appears here in its entirety. Turns out, studying and performing together all year is the perfect incubator for a spectacular ensemble. To see a group play to each other’s strengths is to never know which bits are off the cuff and which are tightly scripted: the former are done with extreme finesse, the latter with the spontaneity of new discoveries.”

With all these good words, would you not be only disappointing yourself if you didn’t see it?

Tickets are still available.

Check out or call the Box Office at (313) 577-2972!


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