Would you like to donate $1 to the Hilberry of someone else’s money?

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Goodsearch.com is a search engine on the internet that donates money to charities every time you search on it.

Last month, they gave out up to $5,000 to charities that had people download their search toolbar.

GoodSearch will donate $1 (up to $5,000 total) for every toolbar that is downloaded between May 19th at 12 noon and May 21st at 12 noon Eastern!

And then, all you have to do is search the internet! Goodsearch.com also offers special deals on certain websites via the toolbar!

This is how you do it:

2. Enter your cause into the “Who do you GoodSearch for” box
3. Click on “Get the GoodSearch toolbar”

Download the Goodsearch.com search bar and go from there. Do all the things you normally do on the internet, and know that  every time you search, you will be donating money to The Hilberry.

Now that was easy wasn’t it? Think of all the money you just helped us raise!


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