Meet Your 2010-2011 Hilberry Company!

2010-2011 Hilberry Company

From left to right, back row – Jason Pratt, Brian Scruggs, Alex Goodman, Erman Jones, Ken Tate, Peter Schmidt, Rudy Schuepbach, Chris Ellis, Jordan Whalen, Michael Peters, Jason Cabral, Aaron Westlake.

middle row – Christa Koerner, Rebecca Lustig, Becky Pierce, Alex Stewart, Bobby Lima, Dave Toomey, Lorelei Sturm, Jessica Van Essen, Curtis Green, Jacee Rohlck, Alan Ball, Mike Wilkki, Sarah Hymes, Tara Westlake, Rick Fosbrink.

front row – Mercedes Coley, Jonathan Weaver, Jeffrey Cotnoir, Nikki Allen, Janine Pixley, Peter Prouty, Jillian Zylinski, Michael Buttersworth, Carollette Phillips, Justin Vanden Heuvel, Andrew Papa, Samantha Rosentrater, Adam Maslak, Edmund Jones, Vanessa Sawson.

Introducing your 2010 – 2011 Hilberry Company!  You can find more information about each company member by clicking on their name above.


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