Congratualtions to Associate Professor Lavinia Hart!

Female Neutral Mask – Neoprene Latex

Associate Professor Lavinia Hart just learned this week that she will be receiving a Women of Wayne Research Grant Award of $1,000 for a set of ten neutral masks from Stanley Allan Sherman who is the head of Mask Arts Company in New York City.  She met with Stanley Allan Sherman last January, explored his masks and interviewed with him about the mask as an actor training tool.

Male Neutral Mask – Neoprene Latex

Mr. Sherman has been working to develop an American style neutral mask that has the integrity and artistry of the Italian Satori style neutral masks, which were developed by Jacques Lecoq and Amleto Satori.  She will be working, along with the American Academy of Dramatic Art, to give Mr. Sherman feed back on the effectiveness of his masks as actor training tools for both BFA and MFA acting programs.  This working relationship is similar to the relationship between Lecoq and Satori as they developed the shape of the neutral mask over a period of years.  “It is an honor to be included as a part of Mr. Sherman’s feedback group.   And, I’m happy to retire my $4.95 plastic white neutral masks,” says Mrs. Hart.

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