First look… Of Mice and Men

George (Erman Jones), Lennie (Peter Prouty)

George (Erman Jones), Lennie (Peter Prouty)

Lennie (Peter Prouty), George (Erman Jones)

Lennie (Peter Prouty), George (Erman Jones)

Here’s a first glimpse of our up-coming production of John Steinbeck’s classic American novel, Of Mice and Men.  Our second show of the season will be coming to the Hilberry stage October 22 – February 5.

George and Lennie (Erman Jones and Peter Prouty), who travel the workers’ circuit, are fired up about living the American dream – one day they plan to own their own ranch.

George, friend and father figure to Lennie (who possesses a giant’s strength and a child’s innocence) protects his friend until, at their next ranch job, an innocent response causes an accidental death which challenges the human spirit within them both.  Of Mice and Men is our Audience Choice play this year, chosen by our patrons through surverys throughout the year.  Of Mice and Men will also be featured in our Student Matinee Series through early March.

The Hilberry will be pairing this play with Harper Lee’s classic American story To Kill A Mockingbird which will play at the Bonstelle Theatre from Decemeber 3 – 12.  The American Literature Classics package lets our audience see both shows for the low price of $25.

Tickets may be purchased at or by calling the box office at 313-577-2972.  To get the American Literature Classics package, patrons must use the code 3CP4.

Mice and Mockingbird Postcard Front


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