An American Classic

The Hilberry Theatre opens John Steinbeck’s American Classic Of Mice and Men on Friday.  This is the third time in the Hilberry’s history that the show has been produced.  Below is a peek into the 1975-76 production.  Look for pictures from the 90’s production tomorrow.

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for what is sure to be a powerful telling of a fascinating time in American History.  Current Director Tony Schmitt’s take on Steinbeck’s story focuses on the relationships between individuals and the idea that “you need to have somebody to talk to… even if the other person is only half there.”

Did you see Of Mice and Men when the Hilberry produced it before?  What did you think of the previous productions?


One thought on “An American Classic

  1. I had put Of Mice & Men on my list of requested plays for Hilberry to do since I so loved the production in Stratford, ON. I expected Hilberry to do a good job but was blown away tonight by the Hilberry production. It was sensational. Erman was absolutely incredible and the whole rest of the cast was great. I can’t believe that I am saying this but it was better than the one in Stratford which I saw multiple times. Congratulations!!!

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