Mice and Men ’97


Fred Florkowski, Associate Professor, Scenic Designer, and Bonstelle Technical Director is a graduate of WSU with a BS in Education and an MFA in Scenic Design.  He has provided technical direction and scenic designs for over 80 productions in regional theatres.   His work is frequently seen at Novi’s Second City, and is a co-founder of Motor City Youth Theatre.  He also happens to be the scenic designer of the 1997 production of Of Mice and Men (directed by former WSU department of theatre chairman Blair Anderson).

Though the slides that were taken of the the production have been lost to time (a dozen years is like a half century in theatre archiving), some photographs were recently scanned into our digital archives (thanks to Kerianne Furgerson), which we can now share with you!

The current production of Of Mice and Men opens tonight, and the design this time round is just as stunning.  Second-year scenic designer Peter Schmidt has created a simple, rustic set that is both functional and beautiful.  Professor Thomas Schraeder‘s lighting design complements Schmidt’s work perfectly.  Expect pictures of the current production soon… in the meantime, you’ll have to come to the theatre to see it for yourself!


One thought on “Mice and Men ’97

  1. I was there in 1997 for a school trip and thats when my love for WSU Theater began. Ever since then I have tried to attend atleast one show a year. Of Mice and Men was amazing then and I still remember the show and the impression it left on me.

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