A Pictoral about Richard III in Tech

The facts of this story are questionable at best.  Photo credits to Nikki Allen.  Story by Alex Goodman.

Jacee Rohlck assembled a crack team to execute her scenic vision for the Hilberry production of Richard III.  As a third year scenic designer, Jacee was given the opportunity to design the third show of the season (the second to be helmed by a guest director Of Mice and Men was directed by former WSU faculty member Tony Schmidt).  Working closely with guest director Alison C. Vesely of First Folio Theatre in Chicago, Jacee’s design went through many visions and revisions, but ultimately settled on versatile gothic set.

Her crack team included second year scenic designer Rudy Schuepbach (the guy with the paintbrush) as her Charge Painter (the person responsible for all the paint needs of the production), herself as Scenic Designer (giving the thumbs up), and first year scenic designer Curtis Greene as her Technical Director.  The Tecnical Director is responsible for building the Scenic Designer’s plans (that’s why he’s got a screw gun).

Jacee’s a hands-on kind of lady.  Here, you can see her adding shadow to the faux-stone steps of the set.  Though almost the entire set is made from various kinds of wood, most of it is made to appear as if it were brick, marble or stone through the magic of paint and light.

Curtis shows off his ability to lift things made out of wood that look like they are made out of iron.  Way to go Curtis!  His knee pads are really low on his legs, which makes him look like he has elephantiasis… but rest assured, those are just knee pads under his pants.

Paint is much heavier than it looks!  Rudy’s load is actually ten times heavier than Curtis’…. ok, that’s probably not true, but paint is heavy!

Now its time for a much deserved nap.  Rudy, Curtis and Jacee have all worked very hard to bring the set to life – which says nothing about the efforts that were made in the shop by Mike Wilkki, Peter Schmidt and Ken Tate before it was transported over to the theatre.  but when all is said and done…. you get a beautiful set, ready for lighting designers to illuminate, and actors to strut the costumer’s designs across:

Photo credit: Richard L. Fosbrink

Richard III opens tonight!  Tickets are still available at http://www.Hilberry.com or by calling the box office at 313-577-2972

4 thoughts on “A Pictoral about Richard III in Tech

  1. Wow, Alex,

    Nice job bringing the tireless backstage crew’s efforts out into the open. In addition, you managed to show of your clever wit and excellent linguistic skills . . . elephantiasis . . .impressive!

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