Behind the Curtain with Jacee Rohlck, Christa Koerner and Jason Pratt

Hilberry Graduate Student Designers Jacee Rohlck (scenic), Jason Pratt (lighting) and Christa Koerner (costume) talk about their experience working on Richard III. Get a closer look behind the curtain of our upcoming production of Richard III, opening November 19th, only at the Hilberry.  For tickets, call 313-577-2972.


4 thoughts on “Behind the Curtain with Jacee Rohlck, Christa Koerner and Jason Pratt

  1. Great show last night! The actors, the set, the music, the lights…all of it outstanding. The applause ended too soon. You deserved another ten minutes, and a standing O.

    Edmund Alyn Jones absolutely inhabits the role of Richard, and the other actors mirror his passion. All in all, a sparkling cast!


    • So glad you enjoyed the performance – you know you can always return to see the show again with friends, and if you are a subscriber, there is a discount for all additional tickets purchased beyond your subscription! Thanks for supporting local theatre and keeping art alive in Detroit!

  2. We attended the showing of RIchard III on Friday, 19 November and were absolutly impressed with the performance of all player but most especially that of Edmund Alyn Jones. His prtayal of King RIchard opened a new door for us in Shakespeare plays. Up to now understanding the storyline was difficult but watching Mr Jones portray the king with all the sarcasm, humor and wickedness made his character come alive more so than in other shakespeare plays that we have seen. He obviously had put his emotions into the part. Congratulation to him as a first year company member. We look forward to seeing his performances in the future.
    We also would like to congratulate the rest of the cast for an outstanding performance. Kudos to all.

    • So glad you enjoyed the show! Edmund has certainly worked very hard to bring the character of Richard III to life. On behalf of Edmund and the rest of us at the Hilberry, thank you for sharing your Friday night with us, and we can’t wait to see you at the theatre again soon!

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