Detroit Passport to the Arts

Detroit Passport to the Arts and Of Mice and Men at the Hilberry made for a memorable and festive event on Saturday night.  After transforming the already beautiful lobby into a charming 1920s speakeasy, the night began for patrons with a behind-the-scenes tour and pre-show talk followed by the main event– the performance of the play.  Guests arrived with food donations for Gleaners and season ticket certificates were raffled off after the show.

The play itself was described by one playgoer as “an excellent and high-quality cultural experience.”

And then, of course, there was the after party.  As with the nature of events, unforeseen challenges can present themselves at very inopportune times.  Jillian Zylinski and Bobby Lima were especially helpful during the “keg crisis,” going from bar to bar looking for a European keg tapper.  Many thanks to Ellen Storch and Natalie Bruno at DP2A for ensuring the night was a success for all.  Photo credits: Nikki Allen.

For more information about DP2A and the rest of their season, check out this link.

More pictures from the event may be found here.


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