Guest Blogger: Hilberry alum Christina Flynn

The Fantasticks

Hello! My name is Christina Flynn. You may remember me from the past three seasons at the Hilberry Repertory Theatre (Luisa in The Fantasticks, Columbina in Servant of Two Masters, Billie Dawn in Born Yesterday, Hilda in the Master Builder, and Masha in The Seagull, just to name of few).  When Alex Goodman asked me to write a Blog piece about what I’ve been up to since graduating from the Hilberry in May I was thrilled, until I realized that I had to follow the acts of my classmates Rob Pantano and Brian P. Sage.  So, no, my blog will not be a laugh-out-loud romp like Rob’s, nor will I be sharing the exciting news of expecting my first child in March like Brian.  Phew!  Now that that is out of the way and all expectations have been met…here goes my Blog!

My post-Hilberry story begins in April of 2010.  At this point I was wondering what the heck I was going to do after graduating from the Hilberry, what city I might move to, what auditions I wanted to attend, etc, etc.—the familiar uncertainty of an actor’s life.  While on the showcase tour I become interested in the possibility of moving to Chicago.  I hadn’t really considered staying in Detroit after the Hilberry until I was approached by Dr. David Magidson (beloved faculty member in the theatre department at Wayne State University, as well as the Artistic Director of the Jewish Ensemble Theatre in West Bloomfield, Michigan).  “Doc” (as we Hilberrians affectionately call him) asked me the dreaded question “What are your plans after the Hilberry?”  I told him that I was thinking of moving to Chicago where a couple of my Hilberry friends had moved just the year before.  He smiled and then presented me with this scenario…would I be interested in joining the JET in West Bloomfield as an actor for the 2010/2011 season?  Would I ever!  Doc didn’t need to ask me twice!

Born Yesterday

After spending the summer in my hometown of Del Mar, California, I returned to Michigan in August to begin rehearsals for Sonia Flew, a co-production with the JET and Performance Network Theatre in Ann Arbor.  What an amazing experience I had while working on this show!  The cast consisted of six actors, all of whom played two roles.  I played the roles of Jen and young Sonia.  The story followed the journey of Sonia (as an adult in Act 1 and as child in Act 2), who was sent to the United States by her parents during Operation Pedro Pan, which occurred shortly after Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba.  David Wolber (the director) and the cast and crew were amazing to work with, and it was a great way to jump into the professional theatre scene in Metro Detroit.

Sonia Flew

We just closed Sonia Flew at the JET on January 2, and I am already in rehearsals for the next show at the JET, Modern Orthodox, which opens in previews January 19.  I have also been involved in the JET’s educational outreach program and toured local schools as Megan in a production of Mean Girls during the fall season.  In addition to theatre I have also been auditioning for film, commercial, industrial and voice over work.  My claim to fame so far has been working with the actor Larry Thomas (Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi”) in a commercial for Zoup, in which he appeared as the infamous Soup Nazi.

I am really enjoying getting to know the professional theatre community in Michigan.  The people I have met have been very talented and extremely welcoming and supportive.  I am already beginning to think about what do after my contract with the JET finishes in June, and am seriously considering staying in Michigan for the next couple of years.  Thanks for reading my Blog and thanks for supporting the Hilberry!  Keep posted at


3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Hilberry alum Christina Flynn

  1. Having purchased season tickets for the Hilberry for many, many years, I thoroughly enjoyed all your performances while you were there and I’m now enjoying your work at the JET. You were superb in Sonia Flew and I have tickets to Modern Orthodox. My husband says, “be careful, you might be arrested as a stalker!” I consider myself a fan and wish you all the luck in your profession.

    • Hi Judy,
      Thanks so much for your comment! It is so fun to know that I have such a big fan! Thanks so much for supporting the Hilberry and the JET. I do hope you enjoy Modern Orthodox. It is a very fun show to do!
      Thanks again!

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