Jacee and Curtis Paint it GOLD

Jacee Rohlck and Curtis Green are seen here painting the molding for the set of the upcoming production of The Misanthrope.  Jacee is seen using a technique called gold leafing or ‘gilding’ where she applies very thin sheets of gold leaf to the carved foam with a special brush.  Pretty cool, huh?


6 thoughts on “Jacee and Curtis Paint it GOLD

  1. Sounds like the Hilberry has money to burn if it’s not using bronzing powder and french enamel varnish or some other substitute to make the gold effect. Is this really going to help any plea for contributions?

    • Because the Hilberry is a training ground for early career professionals, they are taught, and Practice, every technique essential for skilled professionals, and gilding is one of those techniques. In this case, the cost for gold leaf is actually minimal, and the cost differential, when considering materials for bronzing and the time required to make it look reasonably similar to gilded material, is essentially nothing. The Hilberry still operates off extremely limited budgets, and that is the case with The Misanthrope as well. The scenic designer has chose to use gilding for a real look, but has done so within the tight constraints of the extremely limited budget. We hope that those who donate to the Hilberry will do so based on the quality of the training that we provide for tomorrows professionals.

      • For what it’s worth, I’ve also been informed that the material is a faux gold leaf, but functions in much the same way as real gold leaf does.

  2. As one of the two people featured in this series of photos, I would like to step forward and state that this is NOT a true gold leaf. Our paint charge, Curtis, spent much of his time researching methods to create this effect on a limited budget. That really is a big part of scenic design. It is our job to create effects that look realistic, but are not. The whole thing is about illusion. This is why we chose to use a faux gold leaf and not the real thing. Not to mention that many other parts of the set were painting using a gold paint which was purchased at a Hardware store. The Hilberry scenic design team is required to stick to the budgets that have been set out by the University and we are able to find creative ways to achieve the looks we want using cost effective methods. I feel it would be inappropriate to state exactly how much it cost, but I can say that the glue and 3,000 sheets of faux gold cost less than I spend on groceries. I wonder if my landlord would mind one of his rooms being covered in gold…

  3. My name is curtis and I am a designer at Wayne State. I participated in this gold leafing method and I was very surprised after researching the cost of the materials to do this faux finish. At first I thought it was going to be rather expensive, however after researching, I found a very good wholesaler for what is called imitation gold leaf. The website for the company is http://www.lagoldleaf.com if anyone is looking for the next best thing to authentic gold leaf gilding. Also techniques can be found on the websites for most art store chains.

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