What it means to be an Alumni Association Member

Being a part of Wayne State goes on long past the time you spend in the classroom and hallways of Old Main. Did you know you can continue the experience by becoming a part of the Wayne State University Alumni Association?

Founded in 1935, the organization has been led by only 4 people in the last 75 years. Each year the Alumni Association presents and sponsors a number of regional and national events that bring Wayne State Alumni back to campus and back into communication with the people who defined them in their formative years. There are events for all types of people at all stages of their post-Wayne life.

Highlights have included:

• A Thanksgiving Day Parade warming station at the Bonstelle Theatre

• Dinner and wine tastings at local area restaurants

• Pancake tailgating at Homecoming

• Regional events in Texas, Windsor, New York and Chicago

But being a member of the Alumni Association doesn’t provide only emotional benefits, it offers financial ones, too.

Did you know that Alumni Association members:

• Receive a special discount on WSU Theatre tickets?

• Receive the special Wayne State magazine?

• Have access to the special Travel Programs that the Alumni Association arranges yearly?

• Receive discounts at local retailers via use of your Alumni Association OneCard?

If you are interested in joining the Alumni Association, visit http://alumni.wayne.edu/ for more information.


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