The Misanthrope Lobby Video

The Misanthrope, translated into English verse by Tim Mooney and adapted from the play by Moliere runs in rotating repertory from January 28, 2011 – March 5, 2011

Below is the video that plays in the lobby of the Hilberry Theatre before each performance of The Misanthrope. It features an introduction from Peter Prouty and interviews with Andrew Papa, Vanessa Sawson and Michael Wilkki.

The misanthrope is a man who seems passionate in his comic detestation of humankind – its foibles and hypocrisy. Yet the woman he desperately loves stokes his flames of ire and desire as she courts him while simultaneously promising her love to many other suitors. Life unravels beautifully in this comic masterpiece about men, women, passions and protestations.

Cast includes:

Andrew Papa (Alceste), Dave Toomey (Philinte), Alan Ball (Oronte), Vanessa Sawson (Celimene), Samantha Rosentrater (Eliante), Lorelei Sturm (Arsinoe), Jordan Whalen (Acaste), Edmund Alyn Jones (Clitandre), Jason Cabral (Basque), and Christopher Ellis (Du Bois).

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2 thoughts on “The Misanthrope Lobby Video

    • Flow deals with some urban issues including drugs and violence. There is also some explicit language. As a complete work, one reviewer wrote “The cast gives an energetic ensemble performance… As each actor/storyteller assumes his or her moment in the spotlight, the audience quickly realizes that this show is more than the sum of its parts. It has an infectious vitality all its own, and the laughs, cheers, and applause of the audience come from a tacit understanding that we, too, must play our part, pay our tribute, and keep the story alive.”

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