Don’t miss ‘urban fairytale’ FLOW at the Bonstelle Theatre this weekend

You may have heard some rumblings about the show that’s opening at the Bonstelle Theatre tomorrow (did you catch the flashmob on Wayne’s campus yesterday?).  The show addresses issues of the past, present and future with commentary about drugs, street crime and the collapse of society through words, rhymes and the beats that pulse through FLOW’s dialogue. The urban fairytale unfolds through a new-age tribe of American griots on Friday just a few blocks down Woodward from the Hilberry.

“This show is about the power of stories,” said director Aku Kadogo. “Stories are the essence of life for humans, cities and major events and someone has to carry on the tale.”  In that sense, it’s not unlike the great stories of To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men that Wayne State recently produced.  This production has a decidedly more modern and urban take.

Find out more about the show by clicking here. If you’re interested in taking your play going experience into the 21st century, discover more about our Twitter experiment by clicking here. ‘Tweet Seats are available on February 19 and 25 for just $10.  Simply ention the code 4WB9 when you contact the box office at (313) 577-2960 to receive the discount.


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