Cider House Rules trip to Dexter Cider Mill

In November, several designers, cast members and the directors of The Cider House Rules went on a field trip to the Dexter Cider Mill to get an insight into how a cider mill may have looked and felt.  Luckily for those field trippers, not a lot has changed at the Dexter Cider Mill since the play was set (the first half of this century).

From the Dexter Cider Mill website:

“The Dexter Cider Mill is the oldest continuously operating Cider Mill in Michigan. Cited by “Hour Detroit” magazine as one of the 101 places to visit in the greater Metropolitan area. Today we make cider the same way it was made 120 years ago by using an oak rack press. Using locally grown and hand picked apples and blending 3-5 different varieties in every pressing, which makes each press unique. The equipment used to press the cider is over 100 years old.”

Many thanks to the Dexter Cider Mill for the educational experience.

Here’s a look at some of the things they saw:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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