A Whole Lot More of The Cider House Rules in Rehearsal

Theatre Manager Nikki Allen recently stopped in to a rehearsal for The Cider House Rules Part 2: In Other Parts of the World.  She snapped some great pictures of the actors in the process of getting the show on its feet.  Three weeks from today, they will open The Cider House Rules Part 1: Here in Saint Cloud’s, and open Part 2 the following night.  If you’ve never worked in the theatre, then you may not know how much work and collaboration is involved in working out the technical elements of a show along side the acting.  The directors (Dr. Blair Anderson and Lavinia Hart) need to have the acting work pretty well solidified by the final week before opening so that they may fine tune lights, sound, scenery, costumes and props… No small thing.

Now double it.  The actors, designers and technicians for The Cider House Rules will be teching both shows to open them back to back on a Thursday and Friday night.  Once the show is up and running, they will perform Part 1 at 1 p.m. and Part 2 at 7 p.m. every Saturday for seven weeks.  And each show is about three hours long…

So to the noble theatre-makers under taking this Herculean feat – we salute you!  This rare theatrical opportunity is sure to please.  If you haven’t already gotten your tickets to see both parts, tickets are available at http://www.Hilberry.com 24/7.  We’ll be on Spring Break next week, but the internet never rests.  Get your tickets today!

All photos by Nikki Allen.  Featured actors include Christopher Ellis (Wilbur Larch), Andrew Papa (Homer Wells), Lorelei Sturm (Nurse Angela), Vanessa Sawson (Nurse Edna/Squeeze Louise), Samantha Rosentrater (Melony), Carollette Phillips (Fuzzy Stone/Rose Rose), Edmund Alyn Jones (Smokey Fields/Mr. Rose), Dave Toomey (Snowy Meadows/Mary Agnes/ Charlie), Erman Jones (Curly Day/Stationmaster/Eddie), George Abud (Young Larch/Herb), Peter Prouty (Ray/Wilbur Walsh), Caitlin Morrison (Lorna/Mrs. Eames), Samantha Moltmaker (Debra Pettigrew/Nurse Caroline), Laura Heikkinen (Big Pot Pettigrew/Mrs. Grogan/Ensemble), Kerianne Furgerson (Olive/ Mrs. Pettigrew/Ensemble), Jordan Whalen (Wally), Sara Hymes (Candy), Nick Yocum (Angel), James Jordan (Muddy/John Larch/Ensemble), Ivy Haralson (Peaches/ Ensemble), Ashley Shamoon (Megan/Ensemble), and Erin Hildebrandt (Sally O’Malley/ Ensemble).


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