The Cider House Rules Load-in

One of the major steps involved in getting a show ready to present to an audience is the load-in.  This is the process of moving all of the set components from the scene shop where they are built and painted to the theatre where they will be assembled.  The pictures below show the crew hauling the set elements from 95 Hancock across Cass Ave. to the Theatre, about 250 feet from door to door.

You’ll also notice our Lighting Designers rigging some pieces with lights.  Once they have finished their part, the Scenic Crew will put those pieces into place as well.  After everything is in place, the Lighting Designers can being to hang and focus their lights for the play.  Though they have designed the show weeks in advance, it is not until the set is in place that they can focus the lights to function in the way that they have designed them to work.

The actors and designers then take turns working on the set.  The actors adapt what they have been working on in the rehearsal space to the stage, and the designers finish adding the details.  Stay tuned for pictures from the actor’s technical rehearsals on the set.  The Cider House Rules Part 1 opens on Thursday at 7pm, with Part 2 opening the following evening at 7pm.  Get your tickets today!

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