The Cider House Rules in Tech

As promised, here are some pictures Theatre Manager Nikki Allen took this week of The Cider House Rule, Part 1 in technical rehearsal.  The actors are not yet in costume, but they are rehearsing on the stage with the set, props, and lighting elements in place.  This gives the actors a chance to get used to the performance conditions and the designers can make minor changes to make sure everything is perfect for opening night…. Which is tomorrow!

I just finished watching a final run through and let me tell you, they are ready.  The show runs about three hours long with two intermissions, but the play moves along at a very quick clip.  The actors do a great job telling the story, and I couldn’t wait to see what happens in Part 2.  Tomorrow we’ll post some pictures from the rehearsal today with full costumes added into the mix.  The actors are having a short dinner break right now, and then they gear up for a final dress rehearsal of Part 2 at 8pm tonight.  They must be exhausted – but the show looks great!


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