Catching up with Peter Prouty- Alumni Blog 2011 #2

What can I say? I’ve been having quite a busy year! After Graduating from the Hilberry this past May, I went back to Greenfield Village for a third summer of wearing many hats (as well as other historical accoutrements). Once again I breathed life into Thomas Edison, Orville Wright, J.R. Jones the general store owner, and occasionally Huck Finn. All the while I auditioned like crazy, and it really paid off.

I  started this theatre season at The Abreact, one of my favorite places to perform, in Oh Hell. It was a Two-fold night, with a short play by David Mamet called Bobby Gould in Hell as act I, and I finished the evening with The Devil and Billy Markham, by Shel Silverstein. I played five different characters throughout a 45 minute monologue. It was a challenge, and an experience like none other.

I’m currently playing Algernon in the Tipping Point Theatre’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest. It’s been a blast performing along side my old Hillberians James Kuhl, Brian Sage, and Christina Flynn. I’ll be sticking around Tipping Point for a bit after Earnest closes, as I’m performing in Months on End, a three show fundraiser on the 29th, 30th and 31st of December. In Months, I get to share the stage with my buddy, roommate and fellow Hilberry alum Rob Pantano. So far it has been a pleasure to perform with him again.

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In the new year, I’ll be making my Meadowbrook debut in Mary Stuart. I’m very excited to try on a whole new stage. Should be fun!

I do have one more play I’ve agreed to do, but I’m not sure how much info I can divulge about it yet, so it’ll have to stay under my hat for now. It’s a very new venture for me and for those involved, so stay tuned.

To ensure I have as little free time as possible, I’ve filled my off stage time with various “hustles” as I call them. I’ve been working at the new Berman Center for the Performing Arts in West Bloomfield as a tech guy. I’ve polished up on my audio/visual, as well as my carpentry skills. It has been quite the (re)learning experience. To brighten my days, I pushed to get my Hilberry buddy Jordan Whalen a job there too. We have so much fun working together, I’d almost do it for free. Almost.

Most recently, and quite out of the blue, I was tapped to do some audio book readings. Someone who knows someone, who knows someone who knows me, let on to a company that does business leadership motivational books, that I’d be a good candidate for their books to CD voice. So I’ve recorded one book for them so far, and hope to do many many more.

Well, I’ve got to stop there. I have a performance of Earnest tonight, and I’d better get off this computer if I wanna make my call on time! However I send my very best to all Hilberians, Bonstellers and Wayne Staters. I cherish my time there, and I know it was a vital element of my current success. Play on!

Until next time,

Peter Charles Prouty


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