Announcing the 2012-2013 Hilberry Theatre season!

The Hilberry Theatre Announces its 50th Anniversary Season

DETROIT – The Hilberry Theatre has announced its 50th anniversary season, showcasing a breathtaking blend of shows that take us around the world to celebrate the Hilberry’s milestone season. For 50 seasons, the Hilberry Theatre has brought some of the highest quality and most affordable theatre to Midtown Detroit while engaging and captivating audiences. Subscriptions are on sale now starting as low as $102 for a six-show package, making the Hilberry Theatre a Midtown destination that can’t be missed.

To subscribe, call (313) 577-2972 or visit the Wayne State University Theatre and Dance Box Office at 4743 Cass Avenue on the corner of Hancock. Subscribers are an integral part of the Hilberry community, as they enjoy discounted prices, priority seating, exchange privileges, lost ticket insurance, a free subscription to our newsletter, and an invitation to the annual Subscriber Party and Open House.

The 50th Hilberry season kicks off with the world’s longest running play, Agatha Christie’s murder mystery The Mousetrap, which has seduced London audiences for sixty years.  A group of travelers are snowed in together on an intense journey at Monkswell Manor. One by one, they begin to meet their fates, leaving the survivors suspicious and pitted against one another in a desperate attempt to find the killer before time runs out.

Next up in the season is William Shakespeare’s Othello. The rapid ascent of the powerful Othello and his breathtaking whirlwind marriage to the beautiful Desdemona is thrilling to watch, but it fractures the jealous Iago. We see him fluctuate easily between the cold-blooded plotting of mayhem and destruction, and the reassuring, “trust me, I love you.” By the end, Othello is stripped raw, his emotions exposed and his betrayal complete.

The award-winning play Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet) follows. Can Othello and Romeo & Juliet be comedies?!  Absolutely. Take one mousy professor, suffering from unrequited love and trying to prove Shakespeare had prepared different, comic endings for two of his most famous plays. Stir in an intense time warp through a wastebasket, mistaken identities, passionate seductions, and a few swordfights. Bake until golden-hued. Decorate with a doomed turtle. Laugh until your breath is taken away.

Moliere’s A Doctor In Spite of Himself begins the second half of the season. Bursting with slapstick physical comedy, naughty innuendo, and irreverent hijinks, “playing doctor” takes on new meaning as an intense marital squabble escalates into comic pandemonium. A wife seduces the town into believing that her woodcutting husband is actually an incredible doctor. But he doesn’t need a medical degree to escape the dilemma: he just has to cure the intensely broken heart that afflicts his patient.

Next is the Russian comedy Marriage by Nikolai Gogol. This play is a poetic and hilarious, fractured fairy tale about the business of marriage.  A town matchmaker and a newly betrothed busybody match wits in an intense race to marry off a gun-shy suitor. One bride, four men, two matchmakers and one family are seduced into the calamity that ensues and it is anybody’s guess whether the bride will make it to the altar.

The 50th Hilberry Season concludes with The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade, or simply, Marat/Sade by Peter Weiss.  While an inmate at France’s infamous insane asylum, Charenton, the libertine and seductive author the Marquis de Sade directs fellow inmates in an intense re-creation of the breathtaking murder of Jean-Paul Marat.  This fact-based play-within-a-play is total theatre. Philosophically problematic, it engages the eye, the ear and the mind with every imaginable dramatic device, technique and stage picture.

A preview performance of the Hilberry’s 50th anniversary season along with previews of The Crucible and Bat Boy: The Musical from the Bonstelle Theatre’s season will take place on March 25, 2012 at the 7th Annual Subscriber Party and Open House. Doors open at 12 p.m. with the performance starting at 2 p.m. Admission is free and the event is open to the general public. Attendees will be provided with light refreshments, interactions with company members and tours of the theatre and production center. Free gifts are given to those who subscribe or renew and long-term subscribers will be recognized. For more information about the Subscriber Party and Open House or to RSVP, contact Alex Stewart at (313) 577-5126 or

  About the Hilberry Theatre Company

The Hilberry Company is unique in that it is the nation’s only graduate theatre company staffed by young up-and-coming professionals that also runs on a rotating repertory schedule. About forty graduate students are selected in national competition to receive fellowships to work in this theatre and study for advanced degrees. The company performs an annual season of six plays, including high school matinees for nearly 6,000 students. Through the years four Hilberry productions have been selected to appear at the American College Theatre Festival.

Season tickets for the 2012-2013 season are on sale March 1. For more information, please call (313) 577-2972 or visit the Wayne State University Theatre and Dance Box Office at 4743 Cass Avenue on the corner of Hancock in Detroit.

The 2012-2013 Hilberry season is sponsored by CBS Outdoor, Between the Lines and Encore Michigan.

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