A LOT of Space – Hilberry Scenic Design Students

Check out this amazing new LOTS of Art in Detroit project. The Hilberry Company’s scenic designers are working with the Magenta Giraffe Theatre Co. to transform the empty lot on the northeast corner of Cass Ave. and Canfield into an innovative new performance space  (see a map, here). This project is being completed through ArtsCorpsDetroit’s Lots of Art initiative.

Here’s a brief description from their press release:

“The goal of Lots of Art is to enhance vacant lots through art, with a parallel aim to affect the social and economic fabric of the city – engendering cohesiveness and pride in neighborhoods and empowering individuals to realize that they have the creative capacity to transform their lives and their environment.”

The project runs from  September 10-October 22, 2012. If you’d like more information, click any of the links below!

A LOT of Space – Facebook Event

The Magenta Giraffe Theatre Co. – Facebook Page

The Magenta Giraffe – Website

Detroit Broadway – Article

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