Othello Opens Tonight!

Come down to the Hilberry and check out Shakespeare’s Othello, opening tonight at 8:00 p.m.

For more info check out our Facebook event or our website.

Othello at The Hilberry Theatre, Detroit

Alec Barbour (Iago) and Edmund Alyn Jones (Othello)
Photo: Felix Li

1 thought on “Othello Opens Tonight!

  1. Goats and Monkeys…

    Edmund gives us a very different, very human, look at Othello much different from the normal Darth Vader approach and it works. It works in a large way, really shining in the third act which is filled with emotion and non-stop action.

    Fantastic performances by a couple of the first years as well playing Desdemona’s father and Casio. The future’s so bright we’ve got to ware shades.

    And Danielle and Megan did what they always do, move us with their sincerity and fantastic physical acting chops. Those two women have stage awareness to spare!

    Loved it!

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