Congratulations to Hilberry Director Lavinia Hart!

Best Directors In The Local Theater Scene In Detroit

Congratulations to Lavinia Hart on being selected as one of the best directors in the local theatre scene by CBS Detroit! We would also like to congratulate WSU alumni Frannie Shepherd-Bates of Magenta Giraffe Theatre and Jaclyn Sterz of Puppet ART for also making the list! We’re so proud of all of our WSU family!


Click HERE to read the entire list.

Lavinia Hart
The Hilberry Theatre

Lavinia Hart is the Associate Professor of Theatre at Wayne State University. She serves as head of the MFA Acting Program at Hilberry Theatre, at Wayne State University. Hart previously held the position of artistic director at the Attic Theatre. Hart has acted, directed and produced over 100 stage productions throughout her career. Hart has directed “The Servant of Two Masters,” “Detroit,” “Eurydice,” as well as “The Lusty and Comical History of Tom Jones.” Hart was co-director of “The Kentucky Cycle.”

Jaclyn Strez
PuppetArt Theater

Jaclyn Strez directs many short and one-act plays. Directing credits include “Fabula Rasa,” “This is the Play” and “Lambert Street.” She has been directing professionally for six years. Strez holds a BFA in Acting from Wayne State University and studied at the Moscow Art Theatre School. In 2008, she started puppeteering at the Detroit PuppetArt Theatre. In addition to her directing credits, Strez writes, produces and designs costumes for stage performances. She also performs as an actress and has received critical acclaim for the challenging roles she portrays.

Frannie Shepherd-Bates
Magenta Giraffe Theatre

Frannie Shepherd-Bates has directed many stage productions. “Soul Mates,” “Rosmersholm” and “Last of the Boys” were all directed by Shepherd-Bates. She has also directed ”Dog Sees God,” “The Last Five Years,” “No Exit” and Woody Allen’s “Play It Again, Sam.” She received a BFA in Theatre from Wayne State University. She currently serves as executive artistic director at Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company, which was founded in 2008. In addition to her directing credits, she also acts and is a choreographer. She will be directing “The Maids” this spring.


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