The New Monitor – ‘Superb drama at WSU’s Hilberry’

By Robert Delaney – April 24, 2014

AugustA family crisis reunites members of an Oklahoma family, but brings revelations that will change their perceptions and relationships, in Tracy Letts’ Pulitzer-winning “August: Osage County,” now in a splendid new production at the Hilberry Theatre on the Wayne State University campus.

When their father – a retired Tulsa University professor – disappears, his three daughters head home to be with their mother, who is suffering from cancer and the effects of prescription drug addiction. But all is not well in the daughters’ marital or romantic relationships, either, as we are to learn as the play progresses.

Sparks fly as old wounds are reopened and new ones inflicted in this often tense drama.

Recalling Tolstoy’s dictum that all happy families are alike, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way, let it be said that the Weston family’s way of being unhappy is an unusually complex and interesting one. And the Hilberry has given us a production of the highest professional quality, directed by former Hilberry actor James R. Kuhl, who is now artistic director of the Tipping Point Theatre in Northville.


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