Hilberry - Way of the World (4)

Brandy Joe Plambeck and Annie Keris. Photo by Bruce Giffin.

DETROIT – The Hilberry Theatre Company is delighted to announce that its critically–acclaimed production of William Congreve’s The Way of the World will be recorded for inclusion in the Theatre on Film and Tape Archive at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. The Archive has been an integral part of theatre history and research since 1970, with a mandate to “preserve live theatrical productions and document the creative contributions of distinguished artists and legendary figures of the theatre.”

Theatre and Dance Chair John Wolf states, “The filming is an incredible opportunity for the Company to have its work preserved and available for future viewers to enjoy.”

The Way of the World is the pinnacle of Restoration Comedy,” states director Lavinia Hart, “and I am so privileged to have been given this opportunity and thrilled to have this production receive such appreciation from our audiences and from the press. Having this production accepted for inclusion in a prestigious national archive is beyond anything imagined. I am so very proud of what the Hilberry Theatre Company and I have accomplished together in bringing this beautiful production to life for Detroit, and now for generations to come, too.”

Michael Phillip Thomas and Bevin Bell-Hall. Photo by Bruce Giffin.

Michael Phillip Thomas and Bevin Bell-Hall.
Photo by Bruce Giffin

The Way of the World will return for four remaining performances at the Hilberry, March 5 through March 7. The production promises a delightful visual and literary feast, with period specific costuming and scenic design creating English homes and associated locations.

Local critics have praised the Hilberry’s production, with John Monagahan of the Detroit Free Press calling the production “an especially impressive undertaking for the Hilberry… a talented ensemble,” while Patty Nolan of the Examiner awarded the play five stars.

This comedy of manners is focused on social behavior, manipulation, and life in high society London households. The story skewers the stratified world of serving and aristocratic classes at the turn of the 18th century, with an emphasis on verbal wit and complicated romantic attractions. Such stories remain fascinating to our more democratic accessibilities, most notably witnessed in popular captivation with series including Downton Abbey.

Cast (in alphabetical order):
Bevin Bell-Hall (Lady Wishfort), Miles Boucher (Fainall), Devri Chism (Foible/Peg/Soloist), Julian David Colletta (Coachman/Footman/Messenger), Santino Craven (Sir Wilful Witwoud), Brandon Grantz (Coachman/Footman/Messenger), Logan Hart (Footman), Kyle Mitchell Johnson (Mirabell), Annie Keris (Mistress Millamant), Michael Manocchio (Witwoud), Sarah Hawkins Moan (Mistress Fainall), Taylor Morrow (Footwoman), Brandy Joe Plambeck (Petulant), Mary Sansone (Betty/Mincing), Anna Seibert (Footwoman), Mike Suchyta (Footman), Michael Phillip Thomas (Waitwell), Tiffany Michelle Thompson (Mistress Marwood).

Production Team:
Lavinia Hart (Director), Nira Pullin (Choreographer & Period Movement), Sarah Drum (Stage Manager), Lyndee Hallahan (Assistant Stage Manager), Sarah Pearline (Set Designer), Anne Suchyta (Costume Designer), Amy M. Schneider (Lighting Designer), Mario Raymond (Sound Designer), Tonae Mitsuhashi (Properties Master), Brian Dambacher (Technical Director), JP Hitesman (Publicist), Felix Li (Assistant Publicist).

About the Hilberry Theatre Company

Wayne State University’s Maggie Allesee Department of Theatre and Dance serves students as a nexus of performance, production, and research in the fields of dance, theatre, and performance studies. It provides a wide variety of degree programs that allow students the flexibility to study these disciplines broadly or to concentrate more specifically in performance, design, or management. The Hilberry Theatre hosts a professional theatre company that is staffed by graduate students and runs on a rotating repertory schedule.  Each academic year, graduate students receive assistantships to work for the Hilberry Theatre and study for advanced degrees. The company performs and produces an annual season of six plays, including high school matinees for nearly 6,000 students.

Wayne State University is a premier urban research institution offering more than 370 academic programs through 13 schools and colleges to nearly 29,000 students.

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