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  1. I wonder if you could help me. I am a member of Easingwold Players – an amateur group in Yorkshire, England – and I want to stage C P Taylor’s play “Good” in April next year. I understand that you staged this play fairly recently. My problem is that I cannot contact the holders of the UK performing rights to apply for a licence. According to the publishers, the original holders were Van Loewens who transferred the rights to A C Blacks in London. Blacks believe that the holders are Casarotto Ramsay but Casarotto say not so I am at a dead end in England.

    Could you give me details of the US holders of the performing rights? They may be able to give me a new lead.

    Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. I’m not sure if this is the place (or not) to give my rave review of Richard III Thursday night, Feb 24. We are regular visitors to the Stratford Festival, and know and appreciate great theater. Your performance was great. What made it great was that despite having seen the play many times, including at Stratford, where it was wonderfully done, Edmund Jones added nuances to the character of Richard I had never noticed before. His words were strong and clear and his actions revelatory. Despite his slight stature, he was (almost) the equal in battle to a man twice his size and weight! That’s performance magic! I did not realize before the extent of Richard’s nightmares and guilt, his conflict and realization that he was coming to ruin and the end of his days. The rest of the cast were excellent, as were the costumes and staging. Some of the background music was evocative and obviously carefully selected, much of it Beethoven, which added drama and energy. I must say the sound system was awful, with overly boomy basses. I hope that can be fixed. I am sure the direction was superb. The cast obviously understood the play! I am tickled that some of my suggestions were taken for next years program, especially “Major Barbara!”

  3. Hi–
    We (Clockwise Theatre) are a newer professional company in Waukegan, IL, one of Chicago’s northern suburbs. We are in pre-production for Joanne Glass’s Palmer Park, for which I am Assistant Director. As such, I am trolling for the presentation materials the script calls for–photos and videos to be projected during the show. I was wondering if you have such materials in a form for projection that you would be willing to loan or rent.
    Thanks for your help!
    Joyce Becker Lee

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